Did you know that your image can help you expedite aspects of your career such as leadership opportunities, promotions and raises? From interviews to networking events and business meetings, we are taught that people form opinions in their first few moments of meeting us. This means we should be prepared and able to illustrate our “best” at all times. We want to ensure that our outward appearance reflects the professionalism, knowledge and expertise we have within as well. You may be delaying your advancement in your career or personal life by dressing inappropriately and giving off inaccurate first impressions of who you are and what you can achieve. We have partnered with Passion Project stylists to help you prepare you for interviews, events, networking engagement, and more; and teach you how to dress for success.

Customizable Services

  • Personal Image & Wardrobe Consultation
  • Personal Closet Audit
  • Style and wardrobe plan
  • Personal Lookbook


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