Chances are, you are unsure of your career future goals or exactly how to get there. By combining information-gathering activities, assessments, goal planning, and one-on-one training, you will leverage tools that will give you a competitive  edge over your peers. We’re here to help you navigate the overwhelming maze of job search and career development. It is our theory that investing the time and energy now can save you from self-anxiety and expenses in the future. It is essential to choose the right career from the start.

  • College Search Assistance
  • Data collection process to determine “Wants and Needs” list for college selection
  • Find the programs that best match a student’s needs and interests
  • Counseling on factors to consider such as academic, social, financial aid in college selection
  • Counseling on honors programs, undergraduate research, co-op programs, etc. and their significance) to research and identify colleges that could be a perfect fit. We also consider factors such as college’s offerings (and
  • Assistance in making an informed decision on which schools to apply to
  • Assistance in developing an appropriate timetable for the application process, including test taking, planning college visits and assembling application materials
  • Navigating college applications- We guide each student through the process of completing their college applications and submitting all of the necessary components (transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, etc.).
  • Scholarship search and strategy created
  • Power Move College Bound Checklist


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