We work with students to help them find their passion, establish goals and create action plans in order to achieve success. Our program guides curriculum choices, summer activities, job searches, and other decisions throughout high school, paving the way for a successful college application process and career success.


With a combination of information-gathering activities, assessments, goal planning, and one-on- one training, you will leverage tools that will yield a competitive edge and emphasize strengths. Our programs will help you identify your true purpose and ensure the utilization of your strengths to creating meaningful and lucrative work.


What better way to uplift those around you than to grow together on the path of self-development. We possess a wide range of unique workshops and group sessions to fulfill your needs. We can make it as simple or extensive as you like; there are no limits to self-improvement! We’ll provide the tools, expertise, and most importantly, SPACE to companies, community organizations, and various groups of friends and families to collaboratively brainstorm and innovate.


We know that collaboration is key, and for that reason, #PASSIONPROJECTS is committed to providing a platform for fellow artists, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to network and showcase one another’s work. Have you turned your passion into a business? Let’s connect.

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