Friends, family, peers, or colleagues can often times be helpful support systems along our pathway towards success. Growing with others on the path of self-development can sometimes help hold you accountable and provide perspectives from individuals who know you best. We offer a wide-range of inspiring workshops and group sessions to fulfill your needs. We can tailor each session to individual or group needs and make the content as simple or extensive as you like; there are no limits to self-improvement!

Do you belong to a women/men’s group, club, fraternity/sorority, church/spiritual group, or a professional network of your peers that meet regularly and would benefit from an un-biased outsider’s perspective on self-improvement, success, and career guidance? Or do you have a group of close friends or family that want to talk through some of the salient issues over wine & cheese? We’ll provide the tools, expertise, and space to companies, community organizations, and various groups of friends and families to collaboratively brainstorm and innovate.

Sample topic areas include:

  • Goal Planning and Vision Boards
  • Career Advancement
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Working through Stress and Anxiety
  • Communication Skills/Having Difficult Conversations
  • Dealing With The Changing Nature of Relationships
  • Crafting a Wellness Regimen
  • Productivity & Time Management

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