A Shift In Mindset: Appreciating Your Failures

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August 24, 2016
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A Shift In Mindset: Appreciating Your Failures

As each of us ventures on the journey of career progression and success, there will be many obstacles and perceived failures placed in our path.

Failure is inevitable. The true test and power is how you react to it.

Enjoy your “now.” The fact that you’ve failed is proof you're still a work in progress. You must look at situations that didn’t go as planned or mistakes as valuable lessons learned.

Look at it this way; if you are not making mistakes, you are not taking enough risks. It is better to have tried something and failed, than to rest in the comfort of familiarity.

Failure doesn’t have to determine your path or define your success. It is simply a temporary notion.

Let’s work on shifting your mindset.

Get in the habit of training your mind to always see the positive in every situation, and remain thankful for the good and the bad. The exercise below will help you begin the process of training your mind to see the opportunity, growth, and knowledge gained from your failures.

+ On a sheet of paper, write down 10 of your past perceived failures-- no matter how big or small-- leaving a few spaces between each. (at least 4)

+ Read through your list, reflect on each situation, and assess  exactly how it made you feel.

This will be our moment for acceptance. Sometimes failures hurt us. Acknowledge the pain, find peace with the situation, and move on. The moment you ignore the pain, or paint over it with a smile, you enable moody, pessimistic, angry or sad feelings to resurface in the future.

+ Go back through the list and answer the following questions on the lines you left blank between each failure. Spend time thinking about each question, and be honest with yourself as you answer them. There’s no rush. Some answers may be immediate, while others may take a little time to become clear. The important thing is enabling this process to reorient your perspective and how you have interpreted these situations.

-What’s a positive occurrence, lesson, or experience that resulted from this?

-What’s one thing I can learn from this?

-What’s one thing I can do differently next time?

-If I hadn’t experienced this failure, I would not have… [fill in the blank].

Taking the time to see negative situations or failures as temporary moments, instead of something permanent, is essential to maintaining a positive attitude and  the momentum and courage to keep going. Just because you feel you may have failed today or yesterday, that does not determine your future or define your destiny. Simply put, it does not mean you will fail next time. The truth is, if you keep pushing and working toward your goals, while maintaining the “each lesson is a blessing” attitude, you will one day achieve your most monumental  goals and desires.

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